Our Story

Dr. Heather Williams and Dr. Sarah Hantz sitting in front on the cut metal Mount Comfort Veterinary Care sign on the clinic wall

We believe in the power of the human/animal bond. By placing it at the center of everything we do, we provide our best care for patients and their humans.

The story of Mount Comfort Veterinary Care is one of evolution and change. With a combined 28 years of experience practicing veterinary medicine, Drs. Sarah Hantz and Heather Williams have both practiced in a myriad of environments, from large multi-specialty referral hospitals to emergency and general practice. They have both explored professional endeavors outside of veterinary medicine, and it is these experiences in total which makes MCVC so unique.

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"We wanted to tell you a little bit about ourselves and give you the story of Mount Comfort Veterinary Care."

"We met in 2016 working together in general practice, and you know looking back, our career paths have had a really similar trajectory, we've had a lot of shared experiences that have taught us a lot and really shaped the doctors that we've become and I think that those similar experiences have given us a shared practice philosophy and style and that's just made working together always really easy and seamless."

"We both had the desire to take our careers kind of to the next level; opening a new practice, the challenge of that really seemed to be the next best step. We've worked in a lot of great clinics, some even outside of the area, and we've been able to bring what we've learned in those environments into helping to shape the vision of what we wanted for Mount Comfort Veterinary Care."

"We used to talk a lot about what we would build if we could build a practice and we would sort of joke about it and then, one day we looked at each other and realized, you know, that we weren't joking anymore, that we really wanted to do this and that was really the moment that Mount Comfort Veterinary Care was born and kind of through all of that talk leading up to that point, we had a really clear vision of what we wanted for our patients, for our clients- a lot of whom are our friends- and for our staff and ourselves."

"Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and our clinic, we really look forward to seeing you and meeting your pets!"

—Heather & Sarah

The vision for our clinic was to reimagine the veterinary care experience, from the spaces where we provide that care to the way we interact with one another, and in doing that, provide our best care for patients and their human caregivers.

Our History

Vintage historic photograph of a farmer and a donkey on a farm where the MCVC clinic now stands

The original property where Mount Comfort Veterinary Care is located was a working farm for many decades, passed down through several generations along with tales of the plow mule that would let you stand on its back as it worked through the fields. Our thanks to the Henbest family who shared with us pictures and stories of our well-loved property’s history.

Mount Comfort Veterinary Care

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